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FixFox Apparel provides you with a low minimum order quantity of fifty items per design and color because of its experience serving more than 3,000 companies. We provide continuous support for clothing businesses and start-ups as one of the leading sweatshop free private label clothing suppliers with years of expertise.

We provide perfect custom clothing manufacturing services as the best option for small businesses seeking garment manufacturers. We are among the best clothing manufacturers of tailored clothing, providing an exceptional customer experience and limitless support all along the way.

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Though the number of developing clothing companies is increasing rapidly,
few custom apparel manufacturer are aware of the best strategies to establish
relationships with respected label producers.

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You have access to the best cut-and-sew skilled labor. The creation of the material you want can be directed by your directions. All of your finished product’s components, from choosing the fabric to the final touches, are managed under one roof.


Leading T-shirt maker Fixfox Apparel has served various companies and brands as a provider of t-shirts. When it comes to creating, sampling, and executing your apparel line, we possess the expertise you need to guide you at every step.


Modern marketing services are what we continually present to you. You can get excellent outcomes at affordable rates with our facilities for all-over screen printing. Obtain top-notch all-over designs for a premium range of designer clothes and outfits.


Advanced athletic wear. For all of your athletic necessities, we provide you with the technical skills needed for developing efficient fitness and athletic clothing. Furthermore, every issue regarding fitness apparel is solved by our proficient patterns.


Use our personalized embroidery services to personalize your clothing stuff. We provide you with a quick and efficient facility that delivers exceptional products, such as embroidery digitizing services and custom garment projects.


A small apparel firm owner would not wish to deal with white-label garment producers, which is why private-label products are used. Many unique private-label apparel producers on the market have everything figured out for you.

The Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers for New Businesses

You do not need to look any further if you are on the hunt for the greatest clothing manufacturers in the USA. Fixfox Apparel provides a crew that is involved in the everyday tasks that we perform and is also present on the operational level. We are there to help you by providing you with constant updates or the progress of your order. Also, we continually strive for success along with conforming to the highest standards.


Top Pick Among Custom Clothing Suppliers:

When searching for the most suitable custom apparel in the USA, FixFox Apparel provides an outstanding array of customization alternatives that leave little room for imagination. Consider the outstanding craftsmanship of our Custom Clothing Manufacturer in USA, which is not only challenging to compare but also challenging to surpass rivals.

Due to this, startups may take some time to breathe and establish strategies for a long-term relationship that is backed by a service that is reliable and completely dependable while also providing them with numerous options.

Our custom clothing manufacturing facilities run at rapid rates yet maintain the highest standards for product quality—not even down to a nanometer. We ensure that all purchases are always given the utmost importance and that you’ll enjoy an outstanding experience as a customer so that we can customize your products as per your clothing manufacturers specifications.

Whenever you have queries, our team of skilled professionals will be happy to help. We guarantee that all of your demands and standards will be accomplished swiftly because we are one of the most significant personalized clothes producers.

Custom Apparel Manufacturer for Brands Committed to Highest Quality

We remain devoted to all of our attempts, and to successfully carry them out, we use an advanced workshop and an enthusiastic team of experts. As a result, we can serve brands who need custom clothing manufacturing services and firm solutions that solve all of their issues.

The outcome is that you get a service that combines a variety of skills, including reducing expenses, smooth interpersonal interaction, and personality in every piece of the output we generate for you.

We are known as one of the most respected American custom clothing manufacturers, and we offer you inside knowledge backed by an integrated and efficient infrastructure. We manage things on your behalf all by ourselves.

Generating ideas, producing tech packs, establishing cut sheets, and providing breathtaking specimens are just a few of the tasks that go beneath this umbrella. Once we have your permission, your authorized goods are put into bulk production along with strict inspection and testing procedures.

Manufacturers of custom clothing who will satisfy all of your demands

It may be challenging to find the best bespoke clothing manufacturers. But by offering you complete, step-by-step instructions, we help you simplify the hunt. You are allowed to use your concepts when partnering with us, and we will assist you in availing benefits from them and ensuring that they remain viable in your current market.

Our trained professionals assess all of the details and artwork required to create your final product to deliver stylish and contemporary personalized apparel. You enjoy complete authority and oversight over every step of the production procedure with our fully vertically integrated strategy.


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Kindly connect with us directly by contacting via email or dialing our toll-free number that is provided. Also, you can get in touch and contact your point of contact as well.

Our minimum order quantity for garment businesses and companies across the world is just fifty units per pattern. By doing so, individuals can sell their unique developments and establish an enterprise around them.

Our client service representative will get in contact with you to gather additional details when you call us at our toll-free line or just drop an email to the provided address.

Debit cards, credit cards, and transfers from banks are all acceptable methods of payment.

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